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Firing Line

Firing Lane



Length Single Family
3 Months $58.00 $84.00
6 Months $109.00 $129.00
1 Year $189.00 $229.00

Indoor Gun Range
The Firing Line is the premier indoor gun range in the Lehigh Valley. It is a fully ventilated gun range with a retrievable target system. We are open to the public and offer various services and products related to the shooting industry.

Purchase a new gun at the Firing Line and receive a FREE membership for three (3) months and a lifetime warranty on the gun.

Our manager, Ken LeVan, can answer any questions you have about our services or products. Our expert instructor, Ron Kulp, is also available for private lessons by appointment.


1st Shooter 2nd Shooter
1 Hour $15.00 $10.00
1/2 Hour $12.00 $8.00
Gun Rental $8.00/Hour

Includes all calibers. Only ONE rental handgun may be taken into the range at a time. You may choose any other handgun during the hour at no additional cost. All Firing Line handguns must use our ammo. No exceptions! Factory ammo may be used only upon Range Officer inspection and approval.


First Time Shooters MUST Inform the Range Officer for Instructions.